Club & Tournament Results

Ladies – Wednesday 10th October – The main event for Wednesday 10 October was the seventh round of the LGU competition and also the fourth round of the McElroy Cup. Joanne Begg was the only player to score a two which she did on the fourth hole helping her to become the runaway winner of the day’s competition with a nett 65. Other winners were Anne-Maree Harland (69), Liz Hodgson, Marie Cadogan (70), Wallis Jones, Sue Virtue (71), Jenny Tibby, Anne Hawkins, Judith Hastie (72), Jennie Braithwaite, Chris Jilesen (73).

What gift do you give a mum or grandma who enjoys a game of golf, why a novelty club cover of course.  In fact some players even treat themselves to one that tickles their fancy.  I promised the owners that they wouldn’t appear in the photograph but here are Harriet Byelich, Christine Jilesen, Marie Cadogan, and Barbara Taylor displaying the pig, tortoise, wombat, cockerel, panda etc club covers not necessarily owned by them. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 3rd October – The competitions today were the fifth round of the Stableford Trophy and the fourth round of Putting. The haggle for the day was Putting and the winners were Joanne Begg (30), Lynne Bacon, Carol Plowman (31), Paulo Bhullar (32), Jennifer Allen and Chris Jilesen (33). Congratulations to Barbara Taylor for her two on the fourth hole and to Barbara Corney who had a two on the seventeenth. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 26th September – Several competitions were happening this week. Starting with tee off at 8.30am was the 36 hole final of the Club Championships played ‘off the stick’. In the Silver Division the winner, on the 36th hole, was Wallis Jones; runner-up Liz Hodgson. The Bronze 1 winner, on the 30th hole (12th), was Sue Ferguson; runner-up Pauline Mills, and the Bronze 2 winner, on the 33rd hole (15th), was Marion Johnston; runner-up Lynne Bacon. Winner of the Veterans Championship final played over 18 holes was Ann Percy who won on the 18th hole; runner-up Barb Taylor. The 18 hole Tarrangower Trophy for handicaps 41 and over was won by Jennie Allen; runner up Glenda Wright.

The day’s other competition was the third round and final round of the Stableford Competition. This round’s winners were Evelyn Heale (43), Sally Sherson, Glenda Street (40), Judy Hastie (37), Carol Plowman (36), Sue Virtue (35), Joanne Begg, Marie Cadogan (34).  The overall winner with the best round in this three round tournament was Evelyn Heale on a count back from Margaret Steedman and Paulo Bhullar. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 19th & Friday 21st September – Wednesday was the second round of the stableford competition which continues while some players complete the Club Championships Matchplay. It was a “day out of the box” and the day’s winners were: Glenda Street (42), Ann Percy (41), Joanne Begg, Marie Cadogan (40), Anne Hawkins (39), Paulo Bhullar (38), Julie Owen, Sue Virtue, Sarah Leilua, Barbara Taylor (37), Evelyn Heale (36).

The ‘Fred & Ferg’ 27 Hole Women’s Foursomes Tournament took place on Friday with 36 entrants and good golfing weather. This tournament is sponsored by Fred Bacon Electrical and Ferguson Lawn Mowing who split the field between them into those who started on the front half of the course or those on the back. The front half winners were: Sue Ferguson and Cara O’Donnell (55), Ann Percy and Carol Carmichael (54), Sarah Leilua and Sue Rennie (52), Joanne Begg and Glenda Street (52). The winners from those who started on the ninth hole were: Pauline Mills and Daphne Ferguson (60), Chris Edkins and Jill Burton (59), Evelyn Heale and Margaret Steedman (56), Glenys Wheeler and Paulo Bhullar (56). The prizes were presented with cards made by Ann Percy who had depicted a lady golfer in her inimitable style wearing the Cameron tartan which Sue Ferguson really appreciated. Sue always putts without using the pin so that when she saw her companions gathered at one end of the green well away from her she thought they were just watching while she putted for the hole she could see. Fortunately it didn’t go in, as the others called attention to the fact that they were standing round the hole with the flag in it. Ah well it had been a big day for you Sue. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 12th September – Today was the first round of the Stableford Competition which is taking place in conjunction with the Club Championship Matchplay, the first round of which was played today – to give those not involved or knocked out of the championships an alternative competition based on the best of three rounds. Today’s winners were Paulo Bhullar, Margaret Steedman (43), Jennifer Allen (42), Ann Hay (41), Jill Burton, Jose Heale (39), Wallis Jones, Dianne Cameron, Glenda Street (38).

The Nine Holers had a Bogey competition day and the winner was Shirley Barton on 2 up with runner up Elaine McFetridge on 1 up.  Shirley also won the putting competition. 

The Tuesday group did not have a separate competition as some of them are involved in Championship Matchplay.

I think people play golf because it is the nearest they want to get to the adrenalin rush of dodging bullets. A golf ball striking a tree can ricochet in a life threatening manner as four startled women discovered this Wednesday when a drive from the hilltop eighteenth tee shot back past them ending up on the tee for The Drop. (By Marion Johnston)


Mixed – Bowyer Motors Mobil 69th Annual Left Handers Tournament Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September – A field of 71 keen golfers from far and wide took to the course on a glorious spring day. The weather gods weren’t quite so kind on Sunday and while some people managed to stay drier than others most of the scoring dropped in line with the barometer. There are many players who have been attending this tournament for a great number of years but one chap by the name of Alan Roebuck from Taranaki who, while sporting an arm cast and unable to play, did not wish to break his record of attendance of more than four decades. Alan travelled to the tournament to cheer on his fellow lefties. Now that is commitment.


Ted O’Reilly Shield (36 hole Nett): Wayne Hughes, Napier

George Worms Memorial (36 hole Stableford): Roger Maxwell, Urenui; Runner-up Raymond Horsfall, Mt Maunganui

Rod McLiesh Cup (Senior Men Gross): Nuddy Pilay, Whitford Park; Runner-up Ken Shea, Raglan

Graeme Bridge Cup (Intermediate Men Gross): Lawrie Fawcitt, Riverside; Runner-up Ron Vesty, Napier

Johnson Keepa Trophy (Junior Men Gross): Hylton Tabb, Napier; Runner-up Kerry Bond, Riverside

Frank Hemmingson Cup (Senior Men Nett): Kevin Shannon, Taumarunui; Runner-up Peter Jacobson, Taumarunui

Haddon Strachan Memorial Cup (Intermediate Men Nett): Brian Keane, Hauraki; Runner-up Daniel Scotson, Rangitikei

Doug Beever Memoriall Putter (Junior Men Nett): Tom York, Waiotapu Valley; Runner-up Jack Boettcher, Eketahuna

Manukorihi Cup (for winning Team): Napier – Hylton Tabb, Ron Vesty and Wayne Hughes



Lefties Tray (36 Hole Gross): Audrey Messenger, Te Marua

Bowyer Trophy (36 Hole Nett): Beryl Sutton, Urenui

Stableford Cup (36 Hole Stableford): Linda Smith, Taumarunui



Nett: Jo McCrea, Urenui

Stableford: Evelyn Mills, Urenui; Runner-up Kay Wey, Urenui


L to R – Wayne Huges (Napier), Roger Maxwell (Urenui), Nuddy Pillay (Whitford Park), Lawrie Fawcitt (Riverside), Hylton Tabb (Napier)


(L to R) Kevin Shannon (Taumarunui), Brian Keane (Hauraki), Tom York (Waiotapu Valley), Audrey Messenger (Te Marua)


Linda Smith (Taumarunui)


Ladies – Wednesday 29th August – For the thirty-six hole Eclectic Cup the players keep their score card for eighteen holes then after lunch sally forth again to try to improve their score. Because, usually, they have had some success the first time round the second eighteen holes does not take so long as they are able to pick up when it is clear they are not going to improve on the first time round. Soat eight thirty on a dull morning they started off in threatening rain and by four o’clock the last threesome had straggled back to the clubhouse all cheerful and mostly dry. The winner was Sara Porritt with a best nett of 56, closely followed by Glenda Wright on 59. For both this was the first time they had played this competition, Sara since graduating from the Tuesday group and Glenda since moving from the nine holers this year. Other winners were Barbara Taylor (62), Karen Kingan (65), and Jill Burton (66). Liz Hodgson had a two on the seventeenth and Jenny Allen a two on the fourth.

The eighteen holers followed the field and the winner of the haggle was Linda Smith with 35 stablefords. Unfortunately, because of a misunderstanding about starting times, some eighteen holers were unable to be part of the haggle. However it was a busy and successful day with the garden around the ninth tee getting some new shrubs as a couple of thirty-six holers decided to garden instead of golf after eighteen holes. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 22nd August – Players were faced with a bit of an obstacle course on the seventh hole and had several options for damage of property or loss of ball.  Work was being done to tame the landscape by a group using tractor, trailer and digger all of which were arranged temptingly across the fairway within driving range. Rumour has it that odds were being given on breaking the window of the tractor which was marooned on a hump minus its rear wheel and there was one player who was sure the car parked nearby would be the prize for a hole in one. In ladylike fashion, all succeeded in avoiding trouble.

The Fourth Round of the Stableford Trophy was won by Annie Carmichael with 38 stableford points and Sara Porrit on 36 was the winner of the fourth round of the Jane Brown Stableford Trophy for handicaps over 40.5. Other winners of the haggle on the day were Chris Edkins (37), Jenny Tibby, Evelyn Heale, Jennifer Allen (36) and Joanne Begg (33). (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 15th August – Jennifer Allen had a great day winning the haggle with a 72 nett and scoring a two on the fourth hole. It turned out to be a good day weather-wise despite several players being very hesitant to undertake eighteen holes as the gloomy clouds drizzled just before tee off. In all there was a field of thirty players and other winners on the day were: Rachel Brown (72), Evelyn Heale (74), Joanne Begg (74), Annie Carmichael (74), Daphne Ferguson (75) and Sue Ferguson (76). Congratulations to Annie Carmichael who scored a two on the seventh, a hole with a green protected by cavernous bunkers, wicked lumpy hills, and a steep run-off. Today’s competition was the fourth and final round of the Captain’s Trophy and the winner will be announced at the next club day. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 8th August – Today was the third round of the five round competition for the Stableford Trophy for handicaps under 40.5 and for those higher handicaps it was the third round of the Jane Brown Stableford Trophy. The winner of the third round of the Stableford Trophy was Anne-Maree Harland with 41 Stableford points. The winner of the third round of the Jane Brown Stableford Trophy was one of the Tuesday players, Barbara Kennedy, who also scored 41 Stableford points.

Winners of the days’ Haggle were: Harriet Byelich, Glenda Street (41), Jill Burton (40), Jennifer Allen (39), Sara Porritt, Jose Heale (37), Sarah Leilua, Jennifer Tibby (36), Sue Ferguson (35), Elaine Couper, Glenda Wright, Marie Cadogan, Dianne Cameron (34).

For a dull day that threatened rain the number of players was higher than it has been recently with 35 players in the eighteen hole field and a good number turning up for the nine hole competition.  The winners of that were Jeanne Gomas (15), and Shirley Barton (14) who just missed having a birdie on the 16th one of the longest holes. Guest eighteen holer, Sue Rennie, played with the nine holers trying herself out after a lay off.  Looks like she’s ready for the big time with a (17). (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 1st August – The outright winner of the haggle this week was Glenda Wright with a wonderful 66 net score. The other winners were Harriet Byelich (71), Evelyn Heale and Anne-Maree Harland (73), Glenys Wheeler (74), Vicki Kimberley, Karen Kingan, Dianne Cameron and Jill Burton (75). 

It was the sixth round of LGU and the winners were: Silver – Evelyn Heale 73; Bronze 1 – Harriet Byelich 71; Bronze 2 – Glenys Wheeler 74.

At last, after several weeks of none, not one but three players scored ‘twos’, all of them on the fourth hole. These accurate people were Sue Virtue, Vicki Kimberley and Marie Cadogan.

In the nine holers compeition Jeanne Gomas was the winner with net 34 and Shirley Barton  runner up with net 39.  The Tuesday golfers had two equal firsts; Daphne Ferguson and Mel Vedder. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 25th July – The Four Ball Best Ball competition, by way of a change from the usual formats, meant that after each hole the partners picked their best net score. Winners were: Karen Kingan and Marion Johnston (62), Chris Edkins and Margaret Steedman (63), Julie Owen and Jill Burton (64), Harriet Byelich and Paulo Bhullar (64), Dianne Cameron and Jane Brown (64), Sara Porritt and Margaret Nelson (66), Anne Maree Harland and Anne Hawkins (66), Sue Virtue and Ann Percy (67).

Nine hole winners were Wendy Grierson and Rosie Buckland with runners up Eileen Kay and Robyn Faire and the Tuesday winner of their day’s competition was Sue Peterson.

It’s not always a reason for rejoicing when you chip onto the green and the ball goes in the hole as happened to one player in this competition. Unfortunately the greens have two holes and only one has the flag. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 18th July – The competition today was “Bogey”. For the uninitiated that does not mean the scary something in the cupboard, or part of a railway carriage, or the nasal thing, but whether you play the hole better or worse than your handicap.

The eighteen hole winners were; Jill Burton with an impressive 6 up, Sara Porritt on 4 up, Marion Johnston, Dianne Cameron, and Harriet Byelich with 3 up; Anne-Maree Harland, Bianca Stephens, Glenys Wheeler, Linda Smith, Judith Hastie, and Daphne Ferguson all on 1 up.

The nine hole winners were Wendy Grierson and Jeanne Gomas who both finished all square.

The Tuesday Bogey competition winner was Shannon Pepper. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 11th July – This week’s competition was Stableford and the winners were: Elaine Couper (40), Sarah Leilua (39), Jill Burton and Judith Hastie (38), Lynne Bacon (37), Sue Virtue (36), Sara Porritt (34), Marie Cadogan (33), Dianne Cameron and PaulineMason (32).

Seven nine-holers took the field and the winner was Anne Hodges (18) and, on a count back, Jeanne Gomas (16).

Golf can be a dangerous sport and it is always sensible to stay behind players like me who can suddenly have a slicing fit, but even I have never done what one learner managed hitting the ball up her daughter’s skirt. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 4th July – The winner of the Jubilee Cup, which is best nett score over two rounds, was Jill Burton with a total nett of 137.  The competition of the day was best nett score and the winners were: Anne-Maree Harland, Sara Porritt (67), Jill Burton (70),GlenysWheeler (71), Barbara Corney, Harriet Byelich (72), Chris Jilesen, Chris Edkins, Vicki Kimberley, Glenda Wright , Elaine Couper (73),  Carol Carmichael, Judith Hastie (74), Sue Virtue, Glenda Street, Jenny Tibby (75).  Congratulations to Anne-Maree Harland for her two on the seventeenth hole. It was also the second round of Putting. 

The Nine Hole players winning putter was Rosie Buckland. 

The Tuesday Group nett winner was Shannon Pepper and the putting winner was Sue Paterson.

Playing a nett competition is always tough when picking up – a great option when you are having a bad hole – means you are out of the competition.  However, when one player hit her ball for the second time down the steep bank from the third onto the fifth fairway it was just too much even although it meant her nine holes of good putting were for nothing. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 27th June – Doughnuts in the carpark?! Well it was frosty and took a certain buggy driver by surprise. The competition on Wednesday 27th was “Putting” and on a frosty day which became blissfully sunny the green surface challenged by changing during the game. The winners were: Glenys Wheeler, Judy Hastie, Barbara Corney, Jane Fraser, Margaret Nelson all with 31 putts; Annie Carmichael, Ann Hay, Dianne Cameron, Pauline Mills, Anne-Maree Harland with 32 putts; Roseanne Parkes 33; and Marion Johnston, Susan Virtue, Christina Jilesen, Ann Percy, Linda Smith with 34 putts. Sometimes a disastrous shot can be really entertaining as in the case of a drive off the eighteenth tee which hit a tree trunk then headed for the third green behind the player, hitting the rubbish bin there and obligingly rolling down the path toward the fifth tee where it made itself playable.

The nine hole winners were Anne Hodges who chipped in at one hole scoring zero putts, Jeanne Gomas who had just one putt at four of the nine holes, and Rosie Buckland.  The Tuesday winner was Linda Willis, with the round shortened to nine holes because of the wet weather. (By Marion Johnson)


Ladies – Wednesday 20th June – Winners of the first round of the Bogey Cup were: Anne-Maree Harland (5 up), Jenny Braithwaite, Vicki Kimberley, Jose Heale (4 up), Jane Brown (2 up), Sarah Porritt, Jill Burton (all square), Glenda Wright (1 down),Chris Edkins,Wallis Jones, Paulo Bhullar, Harriet Byelich (2 down), Anne Hawkins (3 down).

The fourth hole saw Anne Virtue and Jane Brown finish in two strokes winning them a golf ball each, Jane making a special effort to end on a high as it was her final hole so she hit into the hole from off the green.

The nine hole winner was Wendy Grierson, runner-up Jeanne Gomas from a field of eight.

Tuesday winner was Cara O’Donnell.

On the previous Friday, Taumarunui Ladies Golf were hosts to the penultimate round of the Wills Cup, an annual interclub competition involving six clubs in our region. The fine weather held and the scoring was very close ranging from 109 to 107 total.  The Taumarunui team of (Silver) Chris Edkins and Joanne Begg, (Bronze) Anne Hawkins, Jill Burton, Karen Kingan and Pauline Mason came second on the day with Karen Kingan having a stand out win of 27 points to 9. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 13th June – Today was the final round of the 54 Hole Strokeplay Championship, so about twenty women braved the rain to complete the competition. Scores were very much affected by the endless puddles on some of the holes and little or no run on the fairway but the rain remained light drizzle, a rainbow appeared, and the sun blazed shadows across the putting green for the last three players on their final hole.

On the day the Nett play winners were: Karen Kingan and Chris Edkins (70), Marion Johnston and Sarah Porritt (72), Jenny Braithwaite, Annie Carmichael, Ann Percy and Harriet Byelich (75).

The overall champions for 54 Hole Stroke Play Competition were: Silver Division  – Chris Edkins and Bronze Division – Elaine Couper and Harriet Byelich.

The Tuesday players winner was Cara O’Donnell. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 6th June – Amazingly 40 women turned out for the eighteen hole competition and some nine holers dipped their toe in the water but decided against it. Even a few of the eighteen holers were eventually daunted by the wet weather at the start of the round but the rest played on into fine weather. 

The winners of the nett competition (which was also the Second Round of the 54 Hole Stroke Play Club Champs) were: Karen Kingan (64), Chris Jilesen (68),Harriet Byelich (69), Chris Edkins (71), Jane Brown and Wallis Jones (73), Pauline Mason and Annette Tylee (75), Jill Burton, Julie Owen, Marie Cadogan and Sara Porritt (76), Jenny Braithwaite, Linda Smith, Pauline Mills and Anne Hawkins (77).  I experienced Karen’s round first hand despairing of ever winning a point from her as she was hitting the ball so well – and so far. And Sara’s group tell me she did so well despite hitting the ball out of bounds twice – another big hitter. Anne Hawkins had a two on the fourth, and Chris Edkins a two on the seventeenth, congratulations.

Tuesday Golf winner was Shannon Pepper with runner up Cara O’Donnell, both playing under their handicaps.

As one of the wildest golfers on the course I was devastated to hear that next year the time limit for finding a ball goes down to three minutes.  At present it is five minutes but who’s counting. (By Marion Johnston)


Men’s King Country Match Play Championships – June 2nd to 4th – The 2018 Queen’s Birthday Tournament was the 72nd anniversary of this event, having run continuously since 1946. A full field of 96 teed off for the qualifying round on Saturday with visitors travelling from 40 diffent clubs ranging from the Far North to Wellington, several from the South Island plus two from Australia. One keen golfer has been coming to this tournament for 55 years without missing one. He is none other than our own President Murray Robertson, well done to that man (and he’s still in his 60s).

The course was in great condition and admired and appreciated by all. A big pat on the back for greenkeeper Mike and his band of volunteers who spent many hours getting the course to a high standard. As with any event there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to run and support a large tournament. Our thanks to the many men and women who willingly gave their time to help make this another successful event.




Saturday Cup Winners:

Rodger Bartlett Memorial Trophy (Best Gross) – Darryl Baird 73 (Manukorihi)

(L to R) Cup winners: Gilvery Mohi (Boulcott’s Farm Heritage with the Tarrangower Handicap Winner, John Schaafhausen (Wainuiomata) King Country Championship Cup Winner, Darryl Baird (Manukorihi) Rodger Bartlett Memorial Trophy for Best Gross, Ron Daley Jnr (Windross Farm) John Doogue Memorial Trophy (Best Net).

John Doogue Memorial Trophy (Best Net) – Ron Daley Jnr 61 (Windross Farm)

King Country Championship:

Winner: John Schaafhausen (Wainuiomata)

Runner Up: Paul Johns (Waikare)

Consolation: Leon Taupaki (Helensville)

Flight: Darryl Baird (Manukorihi)

Plate: Peter Wells (Te Puke)

Bowl: Jacob Renata (Wainuiomata) and Jason Simpson (Taumarunui)


Tarrangower Handicap:

Winner: Gilvery Mohi (Boulcott’s Farm Heritage)

Runner Up: Peter Jacobson (Taumarunui)

Consolation: Peter Gregory (Dannevirke)

Flight: Keith McKenzie (Taumarunui)

Plate: Blair Inglis (Wainui)

Bowl: Ron Daley Jnr (Windross Farm) and Ross Kingan (Taumarunui)


Ruapehu Handicap:

Winner: Thomas Mahoney (Winton)

Runner Up: Richard Foddy (Hastings)

Consolation: Mike Woods (Royal Auckland)

Flight: Paddy Bartlett (Arrowtown)

Plate: Brian Cronin (Pukekohe)

Bowl: Gary Norton (Whitford Park) and John Trim (Thames)


Ngauruhoe Handicap:

Winner: Trent Adamson (Taumarunui)

Runner Up: Rob Sharples (Taumarunui)

Consolation: David Solomann (Wattle Downs)

Flight: John Doolan (Windross Farm)

Plate: Wayne Jordan (Taumarunui)

Bowl: Alan Clark (Pukekohe) and Andrew Shippam (Paraparaumu Beach)


Tongariro Handicap:

Winner: Kepa Maki (Paparoa) 

Runner Up: Paul Dowie (Taumarunui)

Consolation: Barry Littler (Taumarunui)

Flight: Ken Detman (Taumarunui)

Plate: Todd Inglis (Australia)

Bowl: Doug Stewart (Dannevirke) and Lance Bright (Taumarunui)


Tarrangower Handicap:

Winner: Nick Findley (Waimairi Beach)

Runner Up: Erik Lei (Taumarunui)

Consolation: Leigh Woodcock (Shandon)

Flight: Gus Ravla (Huapai)

Plate: Paul Tahiwi (Wainui)

Bowl: Graeme Pengelly (Taumarunui) and Waqas Butt (Taumarunui)


Ladies – Wednesday 30th May – The promise of a beautiful sunny day drew over fifty women golfers to the course which was looking beautifully groomed in readiness for an upcoming tournament. The greenkeeper and volunteers were out on all the machines making use of the good weather.

Today marked the first round of Stroke Play Cub Champs for those entered, the results of which will take three weeks to accumulate. As it was also an LGU round the haggle was on net over the field.

Winners were Harriet Byelich (69), Jill Burton (70), Vicki Kimberley and Elaine Couper (72), Ann Percy and Glenda Wright (73), Karen Kingan, Linda Smith, Chris Edkins, Sue Ferguson, and Dianne Cameron (74), Annie Carmichael and Glenys Wheeler (75), Margaret Nelson, Marie Cadogan and Margaret Steedman (76) and, on a count back, Anne Hawkins (77).

The nine holers followed on, finishing with the comment that in general their putting didn’t do justice to the course which was perfect, and their winners were: Jeanne Gomas and Judy Fox, with Robyne Faire second.

The women golfers under the tuition of Jane Brown played the same eighteen hole Stroke Play competition on Tuesday and the winner was Barbara Kennedy who was congratulated on playing under her handicap. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 16th May – Today was the second and final round of the Nancy MacCormick Foursomes. This week’s haggle winners were: Anne-Maree Harland and Sheryl Fraser (72), Ann Hay and Harriet Byelich (77), Karen Kingan and Carol Plowman (79), Marie Cadogan and Dianne Cameron (79.5), Jane Brown and Annette Tylee (80), Sue Ferguson and Jose Heale (80.5). Scores were very much an indication of the miserable wet weather the players had to suffer. Thanks goodness it was warm. The overall winner of the Nancy MacCormick Foursomes was Anne-Maree Harland and Sheryl Fraser (148), who only just nudged out runner-up Karen Kingan and Carol Plowman (149).

It seemed to be a day for being forgetful. One player had to run back from the end of the fairway to rescue items left on the roof of her car while another, thinking she was still holding her umbrella, walked to the next hole holding the flag from the previous green. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 9th May –  Today was the first round of the Nancy MacCormick Foursomes which is a national competition comprising thirty six holes of net played over two Wednesdays. This week’s winners were:

Karen Kingan and Carol Plowman (70), Julie Owen and Carol Carmichael (72), Jane Brown and Annette Tylee (72.5), Marie Cadogan and Dianne Cameron (72.5), Ann Hay and Harriet Byelich (74), Anne Hawkins and Jenny Braithwaite (74).

The format of the day’s competition meant that the eighteen holers had a quicker round and were back in the clubhouse in time to socialise with the nine holers, an added bonus to a lovely day for golf.

The nine hole winner was Robyn Faire who finished two up, and Jeanne Gomaz was runner-up.

I mention no names but on the drop where the player drives from a tee on the hill to a temporary green on the opposite hill behind four huge concrete water tanks which we have all hit or bounced off from time to time, one player got her own back. She aced her drive and smashed the downpipe on the pump shed. It would be nice to imagine a geyser of water rushing out of the break – but no. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Monday 30th April, 1st and 2nd May – The Taumarunui Women’s Golf big open tournament for the year is the new (first time last year) Triple ‘T’ Tournament which took place on Monday and Tuesday 30 April and 1 May. The highlights of the tournament were the wonderful sunny weather, hilarious evening entertainment, and delicious food.  The club received terrific feedback from the 12 out of townclubs who attended. They loved the gazebo (positioned near the 14th tee) stocked with refreshments and  nibbles where they were attended by beautifully dressed servers specially dressed in pink and and black tutus and boas. Thanks to Rosie Buckland, Wendy Grierson, Robyn Faire and Glenda Wright who delighted our visitors with their hospitality.


Division 1 – Tongariro

Best Gross: Maree Whiteman (Ngahinepouri) 163

Best Nett: Noeleen Mulligan (Piopio Aria) 144

Nett Runner-up: Lindy Underwood (Te Puke) 145


Division 2 – Tarrangower

Best Gross: Karo Preston (Walton) 193

Best Nett: Jenny Cowan (Ngahinepouri) 145

Nett Runner-up: Denise Davies (Ngahinepouri) 148


Stableford Over the Field

1st: Wallis Jones (Taumarunui) 76

Runner-up: Karen Kingan (Taumarunui) 70

3rd: Prue Jump (Waitangi) 69

4th: Linda Sattler (Piopio Aria) 69

5th: Irene Straker (Piopio Aria) 68

6th: Janey Myers (Cambridge) 68

7th: Lynne Rauputu (Piopio Aria) 68

8th: Annie Carmichael (Taumarunui) 67


Wednesday 2nd May was back to the regular ladies day competition and congratulations go to Daphne Ferguson for making 42 stablefords.  The winner of the 1st Round of Stableford was Jane Brown with 38 stablefords. (by Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 18th April – A Wills Cup style competition was the challenge for for the day when members gathered for a game of golf having been unwilling to play on the Monday when there had been torrential rain. The overall winners were the two players in a team of four who had beaten their partner in match golf. I can’t believe I have just written such a clear explanation of what to me initially was a very complicated process to get my brain around. Fortunately all the teams of four had a member who knew what to do – my thanks to Jill Burton.

The winners were:  Barbara Corney, Ann Percy, Sarah Leilua and Jane Brown. The runners up were: Daphne Ferguson, Karen Kingan, Marion Johnston and Marie Cadogan whose chipping onto the green was so good she chipped straight into the hole twice. Carol Plowman won two balls for her two on the seventeenth and to cap it all won the raffle.

Only a few  “nine holers” played and the winners were Robyn Faire and Robyn Croy.

As a footnote congratulations to the hardy golfers who played all eighteen holes. The competition meant that it wasn’t necessary to play all holes if there was an agreed winner and several groups took advantage of this as the sunshine and showers deteriorated to wind, sunshine and battering rain. (By Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 4th April – Jane Brown holed in one on the fourth hole – rather appropriate for the fourth day of the fourth month. Jane has played the Taumarunui course for thirty years and this is her first ever hole in one, on any golf course, making Wednesday 4 April a memorable day.

Congratulations to our lovely Life Member, Jane Brown for her first hole-in-one!

The day’s competition was “putting” with everyone having to keep a note of their putts and the people on cards having to work harder than usual because this is one competition the computer can’t handle.

The winners were: Joanne Begg (29 putts), Liz Hodgson and Carol Plowman (30), Evelyn Heale (31), Jane Fraser and Linda Smith (32), Barbara Taylor and Rhonda Bruce (33), Pauline Mills, Glenys Wheeler, Karen Kingan, and Jane Brown (34).

Today was also the second round of LGU.  The section winners were:  Silver – Liz Hodgson (69), Bronze 1 – Jane Fraser (70), Bronze 2 – Pauline Mason (69).

The sunshine brought out a field of 50 eighteen holers and 10 nine holers.  Joining the eighteen hole group for the first time was Sarah Porritt, and we welcome back Jenny Allen. (by Marion Johnston)


Ladies – Wednesday 28th March – Fortunately nobody thought it was going to rain so a good field turned out for the Ladies Veteran Cup stableford event and, although the minute a golf club was swung the rain came, it was just enough to initiate a mushrooming of umbrellas on the course and seemed to have no effect on Marie Cadogan who with 41 stablefords was the winner on the day and took the Ladies Veteran Cup.  Other winners were: Glenda Street (39), Wallis Jones, Paulo Bhullar and Rachel Brown (38), Liz Hodgson (37), Sue Virtue (36), Sally Sherson and Elaine Couper (35), Sue Ferguson and Carol Plowman (34). Karen Kingan had a two on the fourth hole and Liz Hodgson on the seventeenth.

The nine hole winners were: Eileen Kay (19), Anne Hodges (18), Ann Hay and Shirley Barton (17).

The Tuesday girls have had their three week training and are now allowed loose on the course with the result that Mel Vedder had a two on the fourth hole to her delight which could be heard half way to Lairdvale. Jane Brown (life member) trains the Tuesday girls from 9.30am, you’ve guessed it, on Tuesdays, but also coaches on Friday 10.30am to 12 noon outside the green keeper’s shed and that is open to anyone.  (By Marion Johnston)


Men’s Roundup – Saturday 17th March – Forty players faced the starter last week in beautiful autumn weather. Players went off four tees which sped up play with everyone getting back to the Clubhouse about the same time. Some excellent scoring was the order of the day, again in part thanks to the great course and weather conditions. This was the second round of the Mountain Handicaps competition. Top scorer on the day went Tom Donovan with 44 stablefords, close behind was Laal Bhullar and Barry Littler with 43 each. It was a great day for the Bhullar family with Santokh Bhullar and his grandson Shaam both scoring 39 points. John Sheargold and Noel Lawson also had 39. Laal’s 43 points was the result of a 69 off the stick, or two shots under the course rating of 71. I can’t remember the last time a local player scored two shots under par, so well done Laal.  There were four 2s, namely Dick Rennie, Tom Donovan, John Sheargold and young Shaam Bhullar. The leaders after two rounds are David Grierson with a total of 81 points, Noel Lawson on 80, Santokh Bhullar 78, Kevin Shannon 77 and Laal Bhullar 76. (By Terry Kay)


Ladies – Wednesday 14th March – Forty seven ladies enjoyed the beautiful sunny day and despite it being the first day playing golf this year for many, there were some good scores and everyone played enough good shots to make them want to come back another day. LGU winners from the 18 hole players were: Joanne Begg and Carol Plowman (68), Evelyn Heale (69), Glenys Wheeler and Jane Fraser (70), Judy Hastie and Linda Smith (71), Liz Hodgson, Rhondda Bruce, Sue Ferguson and Margaret Nelson (73), Marion Johnston, Marie Cadogan and Barbara Corney (74) and Rachel Brown (75). Liz Hodgson had a two on the 17th and Evelyn Heale a birdie on the 14th when she chipped into the hole from off the green. The nine hole winner was Robyn Faire with runner-up Wendy Grierson. Other incidents included a chip going between the player’s legs on the second shot for the year not only landing just behind her but earning a penalty, and a player hitting her ball into the pond on the ninth saved only on the third time by a rock. The new computer card system at the club is proving it can do the Eclectic Competition for members. Previously players had to keep verified accounts of their lowest scores at each hole during the year but now the computer will do away with that. (By Marion Johnston)


Men’s Roundup – Saturday 10th March – There were 27 competitors who played in the first round of the Mountain Handicap competition this past Saturday with David Grierson (who had 44 points) taking a 3 point lead over Noel Lawson (who had 41 points) and a 4 point lead over Alan Brown and John Filleul (who both had 40 points). For those who couldn’t make it on Saturday (or perhaps if you had a poor first round) don’t worry as the Tournament format allows you to miss one round and still be eligible – but make sure that you make it for the second round this coming Saturday 17th March.

Please also remember that next Saturday 17th March we are inviting any previous golfers who are no longer playing, any golfers who are new to town and any existing members who have got out of the habit of playing, to join in on our Saturday golf day for free.  If you know of someone who may fit into any of these categories please invite them along with a view to showing them a good time and encouraging them to get back into the game.  We will try to be accommodating with the groupings to enable you to play with those who you have invited along. Please assemble at the Clubhouse at 11 am for an 11:30 am start.   

Our Men’s Championship Pennants team had a 5 – 4 victory over the Morrinsville team beating them at their home course!  Well done to Ken and his team. (By Laal Bhullar)


Mixed – Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th February – The Tarrangower Course at Taumarunui was the venue for the 26th Annual Men’s Vets Tournament. This was only the second year of the new three day strokeplay/nett/stableford format. The previous years were matchplaybut because of declining numbers the switch was made to medal play with this year having the most golfers in over five years. Sixty four men faced the starter and 23 ladies followed. This was also the most ladies we have had since they joined in about five years ago. The women played three days of stableford. Brilliant weather was experienced over the week including the practice round on Tuesday. Some of the players have been coming to Taumarunui for 20 years. Several from the United Kingdom, being expats from Hong Kong, were in the field once again. It was good to see about ten new players this year.


54 Hole Gross:

Division 1 – Andrew Markman from Mt Maunganui (a first time player) and runner-up our own Murray Robertson

Division 2 – John Anderson (Whakatane), runner-up Rick Parker (Sherwood Park)

54 Hole Nett:

Division 1 – Kevin Southee (Manukorihi), runner-up Richard Hall (Taumarunui)

Division 2 – Ray Cotter (Taumarunui), runner-up Wally Anglesey (Taumarunui)

54 Hole Stableford:

The winner of the three day combined stableford men’s event was local David Grierson with another local Leigh Virtue runner-up.

The best gross during the week was Murray Robertson with 73 and the best net wento to Ray Cotter with 61.


The Ladies Stableford winner over the three days was first time player Jenny Chen from Whitford Park with 122 points while local Chris Jilesen was runner-up on a countback.

Eighty seven players and friends attended a magnificent evening meal on Thursday evening and Katie Walker, the local Manager of the main sponsor, Taumarunui Property Brokers, presented the prizes on Friday. All in all a very busy and enjoyable week of golf.


Katie Walker, representing the sponsor, Property Brokers, presents Division 1 54 hole Nett Winner Kevin Southee with his prize.

Jenny Chen from Whitford Park, a first time player at this tournament, is congratulated by Property Brokers representative Katie Walker for taking out the top women’s prize this week.

Andrew Markham of Mt Maunganui was the 54 hole gross winner, pictured with Katie Walker from Property Brokers















MIXED – Sunday 28th January – The annual Heaps Tournament sponsored by New World Taumarunui lived up to its reputation of heaps of fun, food and prizes. A magnificent prize table groaning with a $7000 retail value was on offer. Ninety six players from all over the country, including four returning once again from Scotland, found the going tough in the heat. The day was a real scorcher but the scoring wasn’t quite as hot as it has been these last few weeks. Of special note are the boys from Waiuku, always out to have heaps of fun and some of them have been travelling to this tournament for an incredible 25 years!


Sue Jordan is the person who puts together a magnificent prize table every year.

Cup winners for 2018 (L to R) Jason Simpson – gross, Chris Jilesen – nett, John Filleul – best men’s stableford, Imelda Woolston – best women’s stableford.