Ladies – Wednesday 5th August 2020

Another sunny day brought more than 50 eighteen and nine hole golfers to the course for the second round of the women’s stableford competition on. The highlight of the day was Chris Edkins’ ‘two’. Usually the ‘twos’ happen on the short holes but Chris achieved this on the 11th which is 284 metres from tee to flag. She is known as a big hitter but it was the second shot after one of her usual drives which riveted her companions who watched it in the distance head unerringly for the pin. Chris, who had turned away to replace her club didn’t even see the ball pop into the hole as she had decided it had bounced off line. This was quite deservedly the only ‘two’ of the day as nothing could have competed.

There were some good Stableford scores by the haggle winners who were Anne Hawkins and Jennifer Braithwaite with 38 and Liz Hodgson on 37. Other winners were Karen Prestage 36, Sara Porritt 35, Anne-Maree Harland and Jane Fraser 34, Chris Edkins, Vicki Kimberley, Jenny Tibby, Elaine Couper, Evelyn Heale, Harriet Byelich, Annie Carmichael and Imelda Weelston 33, and Julie Owen, Margaret Steadman and Wallis Jones 32.

The nine hole haggle winners were Robyn Faire and Eileen Kay.

On Tuesday the Stableford winner was Leigh Whitehead with Nikki Malcolm proving that she has got chipping into the hole from off the green down pat.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 29th July 2020

It was great to arrive and find the place buzzing with activity. At last, a Wednesday of fine weather attracting more than 36 players, and enough sunshine to require some to have a little zizz once they got home. Today’s competition was the second round of Putting which meant every hole had to be played out – no picking up.
Players hit off from a ‘shotgun’ start which spreads the field over the course and meant that the 12th was the first hole for Sara Porritt who drove to the green within a reasonable distance from the hole and with one putt gave herself the only ‘two’ of the day. During a putting competition the groups’ phraseology changes somewhat. Instead of congratulating a player on playing an approach to the green with “well done it’s on the green”, you say “that’s clever stopping just off the green” because in the lovely trimmed area around the green it is easy to use your putter but it doesn’t count as a putt unless it’s on the green. Those who were most clever and won the haggle for the day were Susan Virtue with only 27 putts, Merle Munro 28, Chris Edkins, Anne-Maree Harland, Ann Percy, Evelyn Heale 30, Paulo Bhullar, Jane Brown 31, Jane Fraser, Wallis Jones 32, Barbara Corney, Liz Hodgson, Sara Porritt, Marie Cadogan, Harriet Byelich 33.

Sometimes it seems that one player is destined to be the one to get in the bunker or hit into the trees and the others in the group can relax and appreciate the benefits of having the golf gods pick on someone else. This happened multiple times to one in our group always followed by excellent recovery shots and despite it all her putting total made it into the winners.

Because of last Wednesdays’ inclement weather the Nine Holers’ Matchplay Competition final was played today between Wendy Grierson and Rosie Buckland with Rosie taking the win.

The competition for the Tuesday golfers was also Putting and Suzanne Carter proved to be the putter extraordinaire. Congratulations to Nicki Malcolm for a great par on the seventh hole.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Like me, most players decided at 9.30am that it had been raining cats and dogs and as it was still raining they were not going to golf. However there were eight ladies made of stronger stuff who set out to play the third round of the LGU competition and they tell me that by their second hole they were taking off their wet weather gear and the day stayed fine even though the course was a bit wet underfoot meaning there was no run on the ball and scores reflected the wet course. The day’s haggle winners were Anne Hawkins, Jane Fraser and Cara O’Donnell. Congratulations to Evelyn Heale who, on a day like that, had a two on the seventeenth with her drive heading straight for the hole but not quite getting there.

The Tuesday ladies had the reverse weather conditions, remaining fine for the first twelve holes then the sky opened up. All four battled on and, while their coach watched from the dry of the clubhouse, they womanfully whacked with their putters over the lake that was the eighth green sending balls like little jetskis into the hole. They were playing the third round of the McElroy cup and the day’s winner was Shannon Pepper.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 15th July 2020

The finals of the Club Matchplay Championships for Silver and Bronze Divisions and the Club Matchplay Veterans Competition, were played today so the fact that it was a miserable wet day did not matter – the show must go on. Championship Matchplay is a match between two players when the score is ‘off the stick’, no handicap allowance is made, and the final is played over 36 holes. When you are playing on the course the weather never seems as bad as it looked but congratulations to those battling in the rain with the competitors in the Bronze Division playing a great match right up to the second last hole.

Liz Hodgson and Wallis Jones were matched in the Siver Division with Wallis coming out the winner.  Anne Hawkins and Jill Burton were the Bronze Division finalist with Anne winning on the 35th hole.

We are kinder to our veterans who only had to play matchplay over 18 holes and allowances are given for handicap. Sue Virtue and Ann Percy were the finalists and Sue came out the victor.

As on the previous Wednesday a handful of ladies followed the field but there was no competition. On Tuesday it was a much better day but only two Tuesday Girls joined Jane Brown whereas there had been a good number at the Friday practice which is open to any golfer.

Golfers are great at making up interesting words for shots, making the game a little less serious.  A drive that didn’t go where you intended but is okay might be a “son-in-law” – not what you would have chosen but could have been worse.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 1st July 2020

Last week some visitors said, at the end of their round, that we have a “cracking” course, to which we can only heartily agree especially today when the frost was hard and the wind so chill that the course was almost literally cracking. No-one lingered on the course though a couple playing matchplay had to play a nineteenth hole to find a winner. The Club Matchplay Championship continues through elimination for two more weeks to find the winners in the Silver, Bronze and Veterans Divisions.

Those who were not in the matchplay competition had a Stableford haggle for the day and the winners were: Cara O’Donnell (41), Jane Brown (38), Anne-Maree Harland (37), Elaine Couper and Jenny Braithwaite (33), Merle Munro (32), Jenny Allen (31), and Sarah Leilua, Wendy Robinson and Dianne Cameron on thirty stableford points.

The nine holers had two winners, Wendy Grierson (16) and Robyn Faire (15).

The Tuesday Girls played stableford, with Leigh Whitehead taking the win, but new player Nikki Malcolm had the shot of the day when Jane Brown encouraged her to try hitting over the camelia bush which was between her ball on the first fairway and the eighth green she was heading for.  With admonishments to ‘keep her head down’ and a sand wedge, she not only hit clean over the bush but landed two feet from the pin on the green.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 24th June 2020

The golf card machine let us down and stopped spitting out score cards half way through registering which meant a flurry of activity for our captain Elaine Couper who handed out the old score cards to those in need, and for the techo ladies in the office who were trying to get things going with instructions over the phone with no luck. So the competition for the 43 eighteen holers didn’t get started until eleven o’clock, and the 11 nine hole ladies had to wait even longer at the 10th while five lots of fours went by.

The competition was LGU and McElroy second rounds plus the first round of Putting, with putting as the haggle of the day. Putting seemed to bring out the best in everyone with all the winners bettering the average of two putts per hole. Congratulations to Dianne Cameron, Glenda Street and Evelyn Heale on 29 putts. Sue Virtue, Judy Hastie, Jill Burton and Merle Munro had 30 each. Jane Fraser, Jane Brown, Linda Smith and Marion Johnston on 32; Wendy Robinson and Liz Hodgson 33; Ann Percy, Chris Edkins, Elaine Couper, Karyn Prestage and Robyn Gower (on a countback from Vicki Kimberley) had 34 putts. Nine hole winners were Ann Hay and Harriet Byelich (breaking herself into golf again with the nine holers after a lay off and proving she hasn’t forgotten anything) on 15 and Jean Gomas on 16 putts.  There was one ‘two’ at – no not this time – the seventeenth.  Well done Wallis Jones!  And huge congratulations to Leigh Whitehead of the Tuesday Girls who not only completed her first eighteen holes but did so in a nett 65.

The sixteenth green, easily visible from the houses at the end of Simmons Road, and the seventeenth tee are very close to each other with just room for a cart and trollies to park between. Because the seventeeth is a short hole and the next group can’t start until those on the green are finished, those waiting can become sort of sitting ducks if players coming up the sixteenth fairway are inaccurate. And so it came to pass that a missile from above landed on a trolley and bounced past all four startled players, slightly in advance of the shouted “fore”.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 17th June 2020

Another good turn out of 43 eighteen holers for ladies golf. There were two competitions to play for; the first round of the McElroy Cup and the Jubilee Cup. One unfortunate player discovered that the new trees on the sixteenth are razor sharp. Hitting out of the rough her follow through hit the tree which retaliated by cutting her brand new club in half. (I should have asked her for it as it might just be the right length to start a four year old on golf – got to catch them young.)

As usual there was the day’s haggle and the outright winner with a 69 nett score was Cara O’Donnell. Christina Jileson had a good round as did Sue Virtue both on 72. Karen Kingan came in with the course nett of 73. Other winners were Wallis Jones and Wendy Robinson (74), Pauline Mason, Jill Burton, Liz Hodgson and Robyn Gower (75), Marion Johnston and Jane Brown (76), Chris Edkins and Glenda Street (77), and on a countback Paulo Bhullar (78). Again the fourth hole is dishing out some twos. Roseanne Parkes has obviously got the measure of this hole as she also got a two last week, and Jenny Tibby joined her.

There were only a few nine holers and their weekly haggle winners were Shirley Barton and Linda Willis. 

The ‘Tuesday Girls’ are meeting regularly and all are doing well with some joining the Wednesday competition.  Shannon Pepper was tops this week with a nett 67.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 10th June 2020

There was a great total turnout of fifty two players today. Forty three 18 hole members assembled for the first round of the Jubilee Cup, a nett score competition, plus nine of the nine hole ladies for their haggle. All had great hopes of the chilly fog lifting to a warm sunny day but those hopes were dashed as it continued cloudy and cool while wet underfoot. The computer produced the draw sending us off scattered over the course, mainly in fours. Once again the course and greens were in great condition with the greens running fast despite the damp. From next week members are asked to bring their disc to the office, returning to the pre-covid system, whereby the draw will be done by those on duty.

Roseanne Parkes and Sue Ferguson both holed in two on ‘The Drop’ the fourth hole with the water feature. The day’s winners in the nine hole competition were Ann Hay and Elaine McFetridge both on 43 nett, and for the eighteen holers the winners were Jill Burton 71, Karen Prestage and Sue Jordan 72, Chris Edkins 74, Karen Kingan, Sally Sherson, Glenda Street and Cara O’Donnell 75, Joanne Begg 76, Jane Fraser 77, Liz Hodgson, Vicki Kimberley, Sue Rennie, Marie Cadogan and Julie Owen 78, Anne Hawkins 79. (Reporter – Marion Johnston)

Ladies – Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Women’s golf is back! The day dawned clear and Covid free with 37 eighteen hole players and eight nine holers decending on the course for resumption of competition, which on the day was Stableford and Jane Brown Trophy first rounds. It would be fair to say that everyone was missing the practice gained from regular golf which showed in the results, although the day’s winner, Glenda Street, had a commendable 37 points. Other haggle winners were Anne-Maree Harland (35), Jenny Braithwaite and Joanne Begg (34), Judith Hastie and Jane Brown (33), Chris Jilesen, Paulo Bhullar and Jill Burton (32), Sue Rennie, Sarah Leilua and Marion Johnston (31), Elaine Couper and Jose Heale (30), Vicki Kimberley (29). Some of the usual arrangements had to be adjusted to cover health and safety which meant that the draw for the day was made by the computer which produces the score cards. I must admit to being more than a bit weary at the end but it was really rewarding to be able to play eighteen holes with everyone. Nothing untoward seems to have happened to anyone or they are not admitting it so I will tell you about finding my ball hard up against a tree on the last hole. Selecting a club nearest to a hockey stick I walked round to the back of the tree, dangled over a convenient split in the trunk and gave it a satifactory one handed smack. It’s the tricky ones that give the most pleasure.

In Jane Brown’s Tuesday golf, eight to ten beginners of varying levels have been turning out the last couple of weeks, some playing just a few holes others almost ready to join the Wednesday group.

(Reporter – Marion Johnston)