Ladies – Wednesday 8th & 15th September 2021

On the first day of Level 2, only a few hardy souls turned up in the rain to play. The competitions of the day were postponed, but some carried on, until the rain started really persisting down and even they called it quits.

Some ladies must have been getting in some extra practice at home during lockdown, if the scores are anything to go by in the following week. Competitions of the day were 4th round of the Stableford Trophy and 3rd round of the Jane Brown Stableford Trophy. The haggle winner on the day was Robyn Gower with a massive 45 stableford points and a nett 64. Awesome golf, Robyn! Second was Brooke Ruwhiu with an excellent 41 points. Third was Roseanne Parkes with 37 points, on a countback from Cara O’Donnell. Anne Hawkins was next on 36, followed by Jenny Braithwaite on 35 and Elaine Couper on 34.

There was one two, scored by Anne Maree Harland on the 4th.

Our annual 27 hole foursomes tournament, sponsored by Ferguson Lawn Mowing and Bacon Electrical, has been moved to Monday 27th September.  Hopefully the weather is more obliging than the last couple of weeks.  Assemble at 9:30am for a 10am tee off.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 11th August 2021

Today’s competition was Stableford with an Irish twist. Club Captain Anne Hawkins is keen to help her ladies stave off dementia by making us use our brain as well as our brawn. The mental agility required to multiply your stableford by one, two or three at the correct hole had some of us sweating, as did the unseasonably warm sunny weather for which the 37 ladies on the course were very grateful.

In an Olympic style awards ceremony the gold medal winner was Daphne Fersguson (80). Next to the podium was the silver medalist Barbara Corney (77) followed by the bronze medal winner on the same score, Jane Fraser. The officials brought the medals on a tray for the winners to put on and then bouquets of flowers and a duster wrapped in socks were graciously received. This was rounded off with a short version of the national anthem before the other winners received their prizes. They were Glenda Street (75), Wallis Jones and Merle Munro (73), Sara Porritt (69), Annie Carmichael (68), Thelma Horsfall and Pauline Mason (67), Julie Owen and Jane Brown (66), Vicki Kimberley and Chris Jileson (64), and Brooke Ruwhiu (63). Congratulations to Anne Maree Harland for her ‘two’ on The Drop.

The twelve Nine Holers celebrated their best in the usual way. The Irish Stableford winners were Ann Hay (42), Shirley Barton (41) and Jeanne Gomas (33).

(Contributed by Marion Johnson)

Ladies – Wednesday 4th August 2021

A great field of 40 turned up to play the 5th round of the LGU competition. The winner of the haggle was Robyn Gower with a nett 71. Second was Jane Fraser on 72, followed by Imelda Woolston on 74. Next came Cara O’Donnell and Thelma Horsfall on 75, followed by a group of players on 77; Vicki Kimberley, Liz Hodgson, Lynne Bacon, Karyn Prestage, Joanne Begg and Merle Munro. They were followed by Harriet Byelich, Elaine Couper and Pauline Mason on 78, and Ann Percy on 79. There was one ‘two’, scored by Pauline Mason on the 7th. Well done, Pauline.


Winners of the LGU divisions were:

Silver – Liz Hodgson     

Bronze – Jane Fraser   

Bronze – Cara O’Donnell   

Bronze – Robyn Gower

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 28th July 2021

A large field of 38 ladies turned up to play the third round of the Stableford Trophy (40.4 index and under) and the second round of the Jane Brown Stableford Trophy (40.5+ index). The course must have been in excellent condition as well if the scores are anything to go by.

Glenda Wright had an amazing round, obviously, as she scored 43 points. She was followed by Jane Fraser with a wonderful 41 points. Barbara Corney had 40 points and Anne-Maree Harland had 39. Elaine Couper, Evelyn Heale, Roseanne Parkes and Jane Brown all scored a creditable 38 points. Harriet Byelich had 37, while Barbara Taylor, Wallis Jones and Liz Hodgson all scored 36 points. I’m not sure what these ladies had for breakfast that morning.

Glenda Wright was also the leader in the Jane Brown stableford trophy competition.

A group of nine-hole ladies played a stableford round and the winner was Eileen Kaye with 19 points and Wendy Grierson was next on 17.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 21st July 2021

Twenty-eight ladies turned up to play golf. The day’s haggle was Putting and the greens were in excellent condition. Sue Ferguson was the best putter on the day with a great score of only 28 putts. Roseanne Parkes and Wallis Jones were close behind with 29 putts. Merle Munro had 30 and Ann Percy 31. Jenny Braithwaite, Anne Hawkins and Jill Burton had 32 putts while Karen Kingan and Jose Heale had 33.

There was one two scored by Ann Percy on the 7th hole. Well done Ann.

Two players had a nett 68, Ann Percy and Karen Kingan, with Karen also winning the swindle as she scored two stableford points or better on every hole. Great golf Karen.

Entries are open for the Coronation Rosebowl, which is an extra day competition. Write your name on the sheet downstairs by 4th August.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 14th July 2021

Today we had a fun, teams competition, and as it was Bastille Day, we gave it a French theme: “trois coulers, rouge, blanc et blue”. Many ladies got into the spirit of the day and came dressed in their red, white and blues. One lady even had a French flag and had dyed some of her hair, while others sported berets and stripes. We did have some nibbles for them to enjoy as they came through from the 18th or 8th hole. No frogs legs or snails, but some French bread and choux pastry (in the form of cream puffs), which were enjoyed by the ladies.

Everyone was put into teams of three and then they had to decide who was red, who was white and who was blue. This was because they had instructions to follow after finishing each green, regarding their stableford points.  For example, add all stableford points together or multiply blue’s points by three, or add blue and white’s points together etc.

The winning team with 81 points was Ann Percy, Julie Owen and Jose Heale. Second was the team of Harriet Byelich, Chris Edkins and Vicki Kimberley with 74 points. Third equal was the team of Imelda Woolston, Wallis Jones and Margaret Nelson and the team of Evelyn Heale, Karen Kingan and Barbara Taylor who both had 73 points.

There was one two scored by Wallis Jones on the 4th hole.

Barbara Taylor won the prize for the best dressed on the day and Harriet Byelich was runner up.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)