6th & 7th May 

The women’s Triple T Tournament

1st – 3rd June 

Affectionately known as “Queen’s Birthday” for its timing, this is the men’s King Country Matchplay Championship

7th & 8th September 

Leftie men and women celebrate their 70th annual tournament in 2019, rightie partners are welcome to play

Ladies – Wednesday 13th March 2019

Despite chants of “wet before seven dry by eleven” and “the forecast was for rain clearing” the umbrellas went up and never came down. Soon the course was definitely squelchy with puddles forming, and the large areas of sunburnt grass turned slippery. Occasionally the drizzle would let up just to hose down again – ghostly manic laughter coming from the heavens. Nobody was expecting great scores and they were right.

Junior Golf Academy

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Roy Frampton and volunteer club members, the new Junior Golf Academy for local primary school students got underway recently.