Ladies – Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th May – Triple T Tournament

The annual Property Brokers TTT (Taumarunui Two day Tournament) was a great success with 94 players representing 24 different clubs in the field, of which 82 were visitors. Once again, it was great to see so many visitors supporting our tournament and to hear their positive comments about the tournament, the course, and how well it was run, with many saying they would be back next year. This year the weather was dry and great for golf.

A big thank you to all the people who chipped in to help our Committee put on an amazing tournament; the greenkeeper and his volunteers who had the course in great condition; the 9 hole ladies; the men from the golf club; the many helpers in the kitchen and all those who helped out in other ways. We could not have done it without you. It was great to see many of our local ladies in the prizes.

Finally, a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsor, Taumarunui Property Brokers who support our tournament every year, and to Cameron Elliot for handing out the prizes.

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Total Over Two Days

Division 1: Best Gross: Robyn Pellow 152 Ngaruawahia; Best Nett: Maureen Giles 143 Inglewood; Best Stableford: Irene Straker 75 Piopio Aria

Division 2: Best Gross: Sandra Thompson 177 Ngaruawahia; Best Nett: Joanne Cathie 152 Opunake; Best Stableford: Amanda Murray 65 Piopio Aria                        

Division 3: Best Gross: Dianne Douglas 185 Waihi;   Best Nett: Karyn Prestage 146 Taumarunui; Best Stableford: Rhondda Bruce 72 Ngahinepouri

Over the Field Stablefords                                        

1. Wallis Jones, 74 Taumarunui; 2. Sian Stevenson, 72 Tirau; 3. Denise Davies, 71 Ngahinepouri; 4. Celeste Sattler, 71 Piopio Aria; 5. Robyn Gower 69 Taumarunui; 6. Chris Wilson, 68 Inglewood; 7. Elaine Couper, 68 Taumarunui; 8. Chris MacKenzie, 67 Matamata; 9.  Imelda Woolston, 67 Taumarunui; 10. Wendy Roache, 67 Ngaruawahia; 11. Anne-Maree Harland, 67 Taumarunui; 12. Vicki Kimberley, 65 Taumarunui.                     

Best Team Stableford: Chris Edkins, Wallis Jones, Elaine Couper, Imelda Woolston 238 from Taumarunui

Runner-up Team Stableford:  From Waitomo and Piopio Aria: Sue Alcock, Celeste Sattler; Irene Straker, Amanda Murray 234

There were 8 twos: Chris Wilson, Inglewood; Irene Straker, Piopio Aria; Robyn Pellow, Ngaruawahia; Joan Frost, Wairakei; Hilary Corbett, Whakatane; Helen Green, Hamilton; Sharyn Buchanan, Strathmore; Lyn MacRury, Ngaruawahia.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 1st May

We have been very lucky with the lovely autumn weather on club days so far this season and our luck continued last Wednesday for the Home Links National Competitions and nett haggle.

The winner of the haggle was Merle Munro, with an impressive score of 68. This was on a countback from Karyn Prestage who also had a wonderful round of 68.
Second was Wallis Jones with 70, 3rd was Vicki Kimberley with 71, and fourth was Eileen Kay with 72.

The winner of the nine hole stableford haggle was Judy Wadsworth with a great score of 19 points.

There were no 2s on the day, and the Property Brokers’ lucky draw was not struck so will jackpot to $40 next week.

The Home Links Competition results were as follows: The Coronation Medal and Veterans Trophy both went to Wallis Jones. The Aotearoa Cup is shared by Merle Munro and Karyn Prestage, and the Best Gross Cup went to Chris Edkins with her gross score of 84. Congratulations to you all.

Congratulations also go to our team of Karyn Prestage, Anne-Maree Harland, Robyn Gower, and Karen Kingan who traveled to Walton last Friday to compete in the finals of the National Teams Event and came away with 3rd place out of 14 teams (only missing out on second by a count back).

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 24th April

Thirty-one starters turned up to enjoy the sunshine and take their chances in the putting competition on Wednesday.

Chris Edkins was clearly in great form, and took out the day with only 30 putts for the 18 holes. The scores were tight though and second equal were Roseanne Parkes and Glennis Wheeler who were very close behind on 31. Sharing third position, all with 32 putts, were Evelyn Heale, Vicki Kimberley, Pauline Mills, and Sara Porritt. In fourth, sharing a score of 33, were Karen Kingan, Barb Taylor, and Barb Corney. Well done ladies. There was one 2, and that was from Robyn Gower on the 17th.

Margaret Tattersall came out on top in the 9 hole putting competition, winning with 15 putts.

Elaine Couper was having a charmed day and won not only our lucky draw prize, sponsored by Katie Walker of Property Brokers, which had jack-potted to $40, but she also won the gorgeous floral bouquet raffle. Way to go Elaine.

Excitement is building for our annual Women’s Triple-T tournament coming up next Monday and Tuesday which is bringing into town just under 100 players from 26 different clubs around the country.

Thanks go to all the many volunteers and members who have put so much into making this tournament a success, and good golfing to all those who have entered.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 17th April

Despite the drizzly morning, there was a strong turn out of 31 for the second round of LGU and the Captain’s Trophy.

Evelyn Heale returned in great form to win the day with a nett score of 70. Anne Hawkins was 2nd with 73, on a count back from Wallis Jones and Sue Rennie, who also had 73. Robyn Gower was next with 74, and Daphne Ferguson, Linda Smith, and Christine Jilesen all had 75.

The LGU winners were – Silver: Wallis Jones, Bronze 1: Evelyn Heale, Bronze 2: Sue Rennie, and Bronze 3, Chris Jilesen. Well done ladies.

Sarah Leilua won the nine hole stableford haggle with 18 points, congratulations Sarah.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 10th April

Congratulations to Anne-Maree Harland who won the Araroa Cup last week with a combined stableford score over the two rounds of 80 points. This is particularly impressive when you consider that Anne-Maree is such a low handicapper. Harriet Byelich was runner-up with a combined score of 76 points, on a count back from Sara Porritt who also had 76. Well done ladies.

The lovely autumn weather obviously contributed to another high scoring week. Our stableford haggle winner was Jenny Allen with a whopping 43 points. Anne-Maree Harland and Wallis Jones were 2nd equal with 42 points, and Barb Corney was 3rd with 40. Dianne Cameron was close behind on 39, Eileen Kay had a lovely score with 38, and Vicki Kimberley, Harriet Byelich and Jenny Tibby all had 37.

Robyn Faire won the nine-hole stableford haggle with 16 points. Congratulations Robyn. Congratulations also to Marie Cadogan who won the lucky draw sponsored by Katie Walker from Property Brokers.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 3rd April

Absolutely perfect golfing weather was on offer for the 31 starters in the first round of the Araroa Cup on Wednesday.

Sara Porritt had a brilliant round to win the competition, with 41 stableford points. There were plenty of other high scores on the day as well, including Pauline Mills and Harriet Byelich on 39 points, and Ann Percy, Sue Virtue, and Anne-Maree Harland on 38 points. Next week’s scores will be added to this week’s to find the overall winner of the cup.

There were 2 twos, both on number 4. Congratulations to Jenny Tibby and Barbara Corney for these.

The nine-holers, meanwhile, had a fun ambrose competition, and this was won by Julie Owen and Robyn Faire.

This week we had our first Lucky Draw for the year, kindly sponsored by Katie Walker of Property Brokers. It was not struck so jackpots to $40 next week.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 27th March

Despite a wet looking forecast last week for our first 36 hole competition, the Nancy MacCormick Foursomes, we barely got a sprinkle and the 20 starters enjoyed perfect golfing conditions for most of the day.

There were 10 pairs entered into the foursomes competition, as well as a few out and about enjoying 18 holes, and the 9 hole groups.

The winners of the competition were Sue Rennie and Merle Munro with a combined nett score over the two rounds of 149. Congratulations Sue and Merle. Second were Karyn Prestage and Robyn Gower with a nett total of 152, and 3rd were Anne Hawkins and Sara Porritt with 153, on a countback from Sue Virtue and Ann Percy, who also had 153. Jane Fraser an Wallis were close behind on 156.

There were two groups who got a two, both on number 4, and these were Wallis Jones and Jane Fraser, and Sue Rennie and Merle Munro. Nicely done ladies.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 20th March

We had 40 turn up for ladies club day last Wednesday. Forty!! And that’s not counting the 9-holers. They must have all known something because as soon as the frosty chill lifted it turned into an absolute stunner of a day.

The competition was the first round of LGU as well as the National Teams Event Qualifier.

The winner of the nett haggle was Robyn Gower with nett 64, followed by Vicki Kimberley with 68, and Sara Porritt with 70. Linda Smith and Jane Fraser both had 71, Daph Ferguson and Eileen Kay had 72, and Margaret Neilson and Jenny Allen both had 73.

There were two 2’s, both on number 4. Well done to Chris Edkins and Barbara Corney for those.

The winner of the nine hole stableford haggle was Judy Wadsworth with 17 points.

The National Teams Event is at Walton on Friday May 3rd and the team going is Anne-Maree Harland, Jenny Allen, Robyn Gower, and Vicki Kimberley.

LGU winners were Chris Edkins for Silver, Sara Porritt for Bronze 1, Robyn Gower for Bronze 2, and Eileen Kay for Bronze 3.

Well done to everyone, great scoring to start the season with.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 13th March

It was an unexpectedly drizzly start for our first competition round last week. Thankfully the sun didn’t take too long to make an appearance and the 28 participants soon dried out and enjoyed the warm conditions.

The competition was the first round of the Stableford Cup. The winner of the 18 hole haggle was Marion Johnston with 36 points. This was on a count back from Chris Edkins, who also had 36.

There were 4 players with 34 points and these were Pauline Mills, Sue Rennie, Karyn Prestage, and Anne-Marie Harland. With 33 points were Chris Ferris, Merle Munro, Robyn Gower, and Glenda Wright.

The nine hole group have been very happy to welcome some new players into their midst and the winner of their stableford competition this week was Julie Owen.

Our Wills Cup team of Karen Kingan, Karyn Prestage, Anne Hawkins, Jenny Allen, Sue Rennie, and Wallis Jones will be playing in the first round at PioPio Aria on Friday 22nd and we wish them all the best for this.

(Contributed by Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 6th March

Today was Opening Day at Ladies Golf. We started off the season with a beautiful day, weather-wise, so hopefully this continues for the rest of the year!

We began the day with a lovely morning tea as everyone caught up after the summer break. A good field of 32 players, both 9 and 18 hole, turned up to play the 9 hole competition, which involved playing off the white tees. It was great to see there weren’t many groans when this was announced. The goal was for it to be a fun day. Groups headed off to the 1st and 10th tees to start their rounds. Some groups jumped ahead a couple of holes to avoid the congestion, which was a clever thing to do. Not so clever was the group, who shall remain nameless, who played 12 to 18, but then instead of going back to play 10 and 11, continued on and played 1 and 2!! Luckily this didn’t really matter because the prizes were just lucky draw, not scorecard results. I’m sure the greens staff must have known what we were doing, because most of the white tee markers seemed to be a long way back on the tees. It meant many of the ladies ended up in places on the course they hadn’t been before, especially if their tee shot was a bit wayward. It was also difficult for some of us to remember to hit off the white tees and not the yellow ones! Many ladies commented that they enjoyed playing off the white tees, so we will have to try it again sometime, but 18 holes.

The round was followed by a delicious, shared lunch which was brightened by the presence of six past members and one visiting ex member. They all looked to be enjoying being back and catching up with everyone. Thank you to them for supporting us still.

The winners on the front were Linda Willis, Glenys Wheeler and Pauline Mills. The winners on the back were Glenda Street, Paulo Bhullar and Sue Virtue.

(Contributed by Sue Rennie)