Ladies – Wednesday 15th June

It was another great turnout for ladies club day, with 35 coming out to make the most of the relatively good weather. An occasional chilly wind though meant it was one of those jacket on/jacket off again sort of days. The competition was a nett haggle and the fourth round of LGU. For the 40.5 plus handicappers it was also the second round of the McElroy Cup.

The winner of the day’s haggle was Jenny Allen with 72 nett, great scoring Jenny. Second was Anne-Maree Harland with 75, followed by Chris Edkins, Wallis Jones, and Liz Hodgson all with 76. Joanne Begg had 77, and Elaine Couper, Anne Hawkins, Jill Burton, Sue Ferguson, Marie Cadogan, and Glenda Wright all with 78.

The LGU winners were:

Silver – Anne-Maree Harland

Bronze 1 – Joanne Begg

Bronze 2 – Marie Cadogan

Bronze 3 – Jenny Allen

Our Wills Cup team of Anne Hawkins, Karyn Prestage, Roseanne Parkes, Robyn Gower, Anne-Maree Harland and Pauline Mills travelled to Te Awamutu on Friday for the penultimate round. There were some good scores from the team, but unfortunately, that bolting-up-the-leaderboard moment that we’d been hoping for just didn’t happen. The Pennants team of Chris Edkins, Joanne Begg, Roseanne Parkes, and Sue Rennie are also travelling to Waitomo on Monday, so wishing them the best of luck.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 8th June

Thirty-two women enjoyed perfect conditions last Wednesday for the second round of the Putting Cup, such a nice change from the week before.

The winner for the day, with only 29 putts for her 18 holes, was Jenny Tibby. Great score Jenny. Second equal with 31 putts were Chris Edkin and Liz Hodgson. Very close behind, with 32 putts, were Sue Ferguson, Karen Kingan, and Evelyn Heale. Paulo Bhullar and Ann Percy followed with 33, and Barb Corney and Roseanne Parkes also had good putting rounds with 34. Roseanne had a two on the 17th hole, the only one for the day. Apparently, this was from off the green, so she scored a double whammy with zero putts on the scorecard for this hole.

This Friday we have the Wills Cup team travelling to Te Awamutu for the fifth round of the competition, and the following Monday the Pennants Team is travelling to Waitomo for the second round. Good golfing to everyone involved.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 1st June

Twenty-five women set off with their fingers crossed, hoping the rain would stay away long enough to get 18 holes played. Alas, it was not to be and we got thoroughly drenched causing some of the field to pull out. One poor woman got so soaked that she was seen halfway round in a compromising position with the hairdryer – trying to dry out her nether regions! However, it seems some people manage to play well in this kind of weather and there were a couple of good scores.

The joint winners of the Verans’Cup (50+), and the stableford haggle, were Jenny Allen and Roseanne Parkes with 38 points each. Congratulations ladies. Karen Kingan was next with 35, and Joanne Begg and Harriet Byelich followed with 33 each.

There was one 2, from Anne-Maree Harland on The Drop, achieved with a brilliant long putt from just off the green. Well done Anne-Maree.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 25th May

Thirty-five women played in the autumn sunshine for LGU, Round 2 of the Captain’s Trophy, and Round 1 of the McElroy Cup (for 40.4 + handicappers).

The winner of the second round of the Captain’s Trophy, with a fantastic nett score of 69, was Wallis Jones. Second was Sue Ferguson with 72, and third was Jill Burton with nett 75. Janae Hapi was next with 76, followed by Barb Taylor, Lynne Bacon, and Jane Fraser all on 77. This was followed by Karen Prestage on 78, and Barb Corney and Roseanne Parkes both on 79. Well done ladies.

The winner of the first round of the McElroy Cup was Eileen Kay with a great nett score of 70, followed by Anna Porritt with 77, Christine Ferris with 80, and Anne-Marie Westcott with 83.

LGU winners were: Silver – Wallis Jones, Bronze 1 – Sue Ferguson, Bronze 2 – Lynne Bacon, Bronze 3 – Eileen Kay. Congratulations to you all.

Congratulations also to Sue Rennie for her well-deserved win of the MacKnight Cup extra day Matchplay competition, and also to the runner-up, Anne Hawkins.

An update on Wills Cup – our brave team travelled to Waitomo on the 20th and played a few very wild and windy holes before the event was called off and postponed until July 15th.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 18th May

Well there’s no doubt about it this time, the drought has well and truly broken. Last Wednesday though there was a break in the rain and wind and it got really hot out there for the 17 pairs of women who played in the 36 hole Nancy MacCormick Handicap Strokeplay Foursomes. This is a nationwide competition where yourself and your partner take alternate tee shots, and every alternate shot after that. The results get compared to all other clubs in New Zealand.

The winners for the day were Anna and Sara Porritt, with 149 nett over the 36 holes. Great result, well done ladies! Next were Anne-Maree Harland and Sue Rennie with 155, followed by Imelda Woolston and Pauline Mason with 157. The next two pairs of Daphne Ferguson and Pauline Mills, as well as Jose Heale and Christine Ferris, both had 158, followed by Jill Burton and Karen Kingan on 159, and then Lynne Bacon and Marie Cadogan, and Jenny Allen and Robyn Gower who both had 160.

We also hosted Round 1 of Pennants last Monday, and on a difficult day our team came 4th equal out of 9 teams. Awesome effort team, keep up the good work.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – TTT Tournament Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th May and Wednesday 11th May

Our Taumarunui Two-day Tournament (known as the TTT) was a great success – with 112 players from 22 different clubs visiting to compete. This is the largest field for a women’s tournament here for very many years. We are extremely grateful to Property Brokers, our major sponsors, who have been very generous with their sponsorship this year. We also appreciate the support of Bradley Livestock who sponsored one of our signature holes, “The Drop”, and Mitre 10, who donated a lovely raffle prize.

Our course and our hospitality received endless compliments from the visitors, and a special mention must be made of the team in the kitchen, led by Merle Munro, who smoothly produced an outstanding evening meal and lunches over the two days.

The prizes awarded were for the total of the two day’s scores and were fiercely contested. Our most outstanding local player was Harriet Byelich, who won Best Nett in Division 2. Wonderful stuff Harriet. Other local players to win across-the-field prizes in stableford points were; Jane Fraser (2nd with 73), Pauline Mills (4th with 71), and Karyn Prestage (13th with 67). Sara Porritt won closest to the pin in two strokes (no.18) on Tuesday, and Pauline Mills had a two on The Drop on Monday. In the teams section, one all-local team came runner-up overall – congratulations to Vicki Kimberley, Pauline Mills, Harriet Byelich, and Daphne Fergusson.

On Wednesday, there was a surprisingly large field of 35, an excellent turnout considering many locals had just finished two days of golfing in the TTT. The competition was Stableford Hidden Holes, where 11 holes are chosen at random and kept secret from the players – and only those holes are counted for the haggle placings.

First with a great score of 30 was Daphne Fergusson, second was Glenda Wright with 26, and third was Sally Sherson with 25. Anne-Marie Westcott, Cara O’Donnell and Annie Carmichael were next with 24, followed by Eileen Kay on 23, Karyn Prestage on 22, and Harriet Byelich on 21. Next were
Jill Burton and Margaret Nelson on 20, and Sara Porritt with 19.

A results update for the National Club Teams Championship held in Te Awamutu on Friday the 6th saw our team of Elaine Couper, Pauline Mills, Jill Burton, and Vicki Kimberley finishing up 6th equal out of 14 club teams. Excellent job ladies.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 4th May 2022

For the 36 hole Araroa Cup we again started in chilly fog and finished the day in brilliant sunshine.

There were three fields; 12 women played 18 holes in a stableford haggle, 20 women played 36 holes for the Araroa Cup – where the stableford points from the morning and afternoon rounds are added together for the best accumulative score – and a good turn-out of 9 holers played in a putting haggle.

The winners of the Araroa Cup were Jill Burton and Elaine Couper, who won with a tied score of 72 points each. Well done ladies! Second equal were Evelyn Heale and Karyn Prestage who both had 70 points, followed by Robyn Gower on 68, Sara Porritt on 66, Karen Kingan on 65, and Anna Porritt on 64.

Coincidentally, Jill and Elaine, along with Vicki Kimberley and Pauline Mills, were off to Te Awamutu on Friday 6th to compete in the National Teams event. No official results in yet but I believe there were some great scores from our team.

For the 18 hole haggle the winner was Lynne Bacon with 38 points. Great score Lynne. Second was Pauline Mason with 37 – and this was on a countback from Jenny Allen and Jane Fraser who also had 37.

There was only one 2 over the whole field and that was from Roseanne Parkes on number 7. Nice one Roseanne.

The winner of the 9-holers putting haggle was Suzanne Carter with 16 putts.

Congratulations to all the winners.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 27th April 2022

Another beautiful autumn day and another excellent turnout for women’s golf. Thirty-nine ladies played in a nett haggle and the 2nd round of LGU, with some knock-out scores resulting.

The winner of the haggle, with a fantastic nett score of 64, was Annie Carmichael. Great golfing Annie! Jenny Allen was next with 66, followed by Pauline Mason who had 68. Sue Virtue and Evelyn Heale were next with nett 70, followed by Karyn Prestage and Imelda Woolston on 71. Harriet Byelich had a nett 72, then came Julie Owen, Vicki Kimberley and Jane Fraser with nett 73, and Eileen Kay, Marie Cadogen, Sheryl Fraser, Glenys Wheeler, and Sue Rennie all on 74.

Congratulations to the LGU winners:

Silver Division – Evelyn Heale

Bronze One – Susan Virtue

Bronze Two – Annie Carmichael

Bronze Three – Jennifer Allen

The Home Links National Competitions were also played. The scores of Evelyn Heale, Annie Carmichael and Sue Virtue are being submitted to Golf Waikato for eventual comparison with the rest of the New Zealand golf clubs’ scores in the different categories. Best of luck to those entrants.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 20th April 2022

We had the first round of the Putting Trophy and 36 hopeful women turned up to play on what turned out to be a beautiful day. The greens are in such excellent condition thanks to the efforts of our greenskeeper John Sneddon and a dedicated team of volunteers, who we are all very grateful for. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful and well-kept course, what an asset to our town.

Before I move on to the results for the day I’d like to apologise to Eileen Kay who had a fantastic nett score of 66 last week and was actually the winner of the day’s haggle. The score that we mistakenly reported as first for the day was the winner of the Captain’s Trophy rather than the haggle. Great golfing Eileen and apologies once again.

The scores reported are for the number of putts had over the 18 holes, remembering that you can usually budget on having an average of two per hole, giving you 36. So with an amazing 25 putts only, the winner was Anne-Marie Harland – what a great result. Second was Sue Rennie with 27, and third was Robyn Gower with 28. This was followed by Jill Burton, Glennis Wheeler and Ann Percy all on 30. Next was Harriet Byelich, Evelyn Heale, Anne Hawkins, and Karen Kingan each with 31, Barbara Corney with 32, Lynne Bacon, Jenny Allen, and Pauline Mills with 33. There were four twos: Pauline Mason on No.12, Sue Rennie and Anne-Marie Harland on No.17, and Di Cameron on No.4. Well done ladies.

We also played the third round of the Wills Cup on our home course on Friday the 22nd. The weather was so dire many had their fingers crossed in favour of cancellation or postponement, but after a slight delay the rain stopped and the sun came out for most of the rest of the day. Our team managed to post some very good scores against the second-to-top team, Waitomo – but ultimately we were unable to claw our way up from the fourth position. There are still three rounds to go, however, so we will keep on battling for a spot on the podium!

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 13th April 2022

Thirty-three women turned up for the first round of the Captain’s Trophy nett competition on Wednesday and played in very blustery conditions. Leaves and golf cards were flying all over the course, and balls repeatedly flying well past the hole when they should’ve been going in! May as well blame it on the wind. Despite that, there were some excellent scores and a lot of changes had to be made to the Shoot-Out board.

The winner of the haggle with a nett of 67 was Jill Burton – well done Jill, closely followed by Pauline Mills on 68. Awesome scoring ladies, especially in those conditions. Next was Anne-Marie Harland on 70, followed by Paulo Bhullar on 71, and then Chris Edkins on 72. Joanne Begg was next with nett 75, followed by Chris Jileson and Karyn Prestage on 76. Vicki Kimberley had 77, and Marion Johnstone and Sue Rennie both had 78. Pauline Mills also had a two on The Drop, so a great day for Pauline.

In other news our Wills Cup team of Elaine Cooper, Anne-Marie Harland, Sue Rennie, Robyn Gower, Pauline Mills and Jill Burton travelled to Stewart Alexander on the 8th and played against the top team on their home course – so it was a difficult challenge, and unfortunately, we have slipped a place to 4th. However, this Friday the 22nd we are playing Waitomo on our home turf for the 3rd round so here’s hoping we can do well and claw our way back up the leader board.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 30th March 2022

I got told off by my husband last week for saying the drought had broken (might’ve jinxed it) so I won’t do that again, sorry farmers!

This week for the 36 hole Eclectic Cup, we started early in heavy fog – where it was a struggle to even see your ball – moving very quickly into absolutely baking heat. It was so hot that one madwoman was apparently seen rolling around in the long wet grass under the trees to cool down! An unconventional cooling method for sure but you know – whatever works. The putting difference from a dewy green in the morning to a very fast one in the afternoon understandably messed with a few mojos.

This week there were two fields; 14 women played 18 holes in a nett haggle, and 22 women played 36 holes for the Eclectic Cup. Merle Munro won the Eclectic Cup with a nett score of 65 in the afternoon, congratulations Merle. This was on a countback from Robyn Gower who also had nett 65. Sue Rennie was very close behind on 66, a brilliant comeback from her morning round. Next was Annie Carmichael on 67, Jose Heale on 68, Dianne Cameron and Elaine Cooper on 69, and Marie Cadogan, Sara Porritt and Pauline Mills all on 70.

The winner of the 18 hole haggle was Anna Porritt with 67 nett (awesome result and great to see you here Anna). This was on a countback from
Glenda Wright also had 67. Well done ladies. Next was Jennifer Allen with nett 70, followed by Joanne Begg and Barb Corney on 75. Sue Jordan had a two on The Drop – good one Sue, there hasn’t been a two for a while so hopefully, you have broken that drought at least.

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 23rd March 2022

It seems the drought has finally broken and 35 hardy women turned up to take one for the team last Wednesday (Murphy’s Law – we made it rain harder of course). The rain was too much for the 9 holers who decided to pull the pin after a few holes, and they weren’t the only ones. Six of us wimpy souls also pulled out before the end while the rest of the field soldiered on.

The competition was a nett haggle, with automatic entry into the Home Links competition, a NZ national event, however, this was postponed due to the weather and will be played at a later date. It is worth noting that last year in the Veterans’ Cup section of this competition (70+), one of our players came 12th overall, a fantastic effort from Sue Ferguson!

Speaking of great efforts, our Wills Cup team of Roseanne Parkes, Sara Porritt, Anne Hawkins, Karen Kingan, Karyn Prestage, and Sue Rennie travelled to Pio Pio on Friday the 18th, and on a difficult course came out third overall, with Karyn Prestage getting 26 points, the best score over the whole field. Well done Karyn. We will have another Wills Cup team travelling to Stewart Alexander for the second round on Friday April 8th to see if this result can be repeated, or dare we hope, improved upon.

So back to the results for the week – while some just don’t perform well in the rain, that obviously doesn’t apply to all because there were a few surprisingly good scores: The winner with a nett of 73 was Pauline Mills, on a countback from Roseanne Parkes and Glenda Wright who also both had 73. Well done ladies. Next was Jill Burton with nett 74, followed by Sara Porritt with nett 77. Wallis Jones, Anne-Marie Harland, Evelyn Heale, and Linda Smith all had 78, and Dianne Cameron, Marion Johnston, Jane Fraser, and Jose Heale all had 79.

It was excellent to see so many new and returned faces this week, very exciting for our wonderful club. Next week is the Eclectic Cup, a fun 36 hole event, tee off time is 8.30am and a reminder there will be no kitchen.

Stay well everyone, you wouldn’t want to miss golf!

(Contributor – Robyn Gower)

Ladies – Wednesday 16th March 2022

An excellent field of 45 golfers turned up to play the first round of the LGU competition, our biggest field so far this year. 

The winner of the haggle was Jose Heale with a nett 68. Second was Vicki Kimberley on 69, on a countback from Margaret Steedman. Next was Jill Burton on 70, on a countback from Margaret Nelson. Ann Hay had 71 and Glenda Wright, Sue Rennie and Cara O’Donnell all with 72. Elaine Couper, Pauline Mills, Sue Ferguson, and Sheryl Fraser had 73. Roseanne Parkes had a nett 74 and Jenny Allen, Jane Fraser, Barbara Taylor and Anne-Maree Harland all finished on 75.

The LGU division winners were:

Silver: Anne-Maree Harland

Bronze 1: Jill Burton

Bronze 2: Vicki Kimberley

Bronze 3: Jose Heale

It was also the National Teams Event Qualifier which will be played somewhere in the Waikato on May 6th. Vicki Kimberley, Jill Burton, Cara O’Donnell and Elaine Couper will be representing the club at this event. Good luck ladies.

A small group of 5 ladies played 9 holes and Judy Fox came out the winner.

On Friday it was the first round of the Wills Cup, an interclub competition with five other clubs in the Southern Waikato, with each team consisting of six players. Roseanne Parkes, Sara Porritt, Anne Hawkins, Karen Kingan, Karyn Prestage and Sue Rennie were representing Taumarunui. 

Piopio Aria hosted the opening round for the South Zone. Taumarunui played Te Awamutu and came out the winners with 112 points to 104. Waitomo lead the competition with 122 points followed by Stewart Alexander on 116 and Taumarunui is third on 112. The other two teams were Piopio Aria and Pirongia/Kawhia.  The next round is at Stewart Alexander on Friday, April 8th.

(Contributor – Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 9th March 2022

Forty golfers turned out for the first round of the Stableford Trophy, the first of the season’s competitions.

Scoring matched the temperature, with some very hot rounds. Cara O’Donnell had the best round with 43 stableford points. Excellent golf, Cara. Hopefully, Cara can repeat it in April when the New Zealand Firefighters National Tournament comes to Taumarunui. Next was Dianne Cameron on 40 points on a countback from Daphne Ferguson, Roseanne Parkes, Vicki Kimberley and Pauline Mason. Karyn Prestage followed on 39 points, on a countback from Marion Johnston, Merle Munro and Sheryl Fraser. Anne Hay had 38 points, Evelyn Heale had 37 and Margaret Steadman had 36. There were no twos this week.

The nine holers played in a Stableford competition and the winner was Wendy Grierson.

(Contributor – Sue Rennie)

Ladies – Wednesday 2nd March 2022

It was a cracker day for Ladies Opening Day and a big field of 43 turned up to play. It was good to welcome some new Wednesday golfers along with a couple of ladies who have changed from 9 holes to 18. 

We started off with morning tea and were put into teams of three or four for a fun day. The competition was a stableford team event, where the two best stableford scores on each hole were added together and multiplied by the third best score.

As everyone assembled to tee off, Jane Brown, a life member of the club, hit the first ball off first tee to start the season.

The winners were Marie Cadogan, Glenys Wheeler, Jane Fraser and Chris Jilesen with 191 points. In second place were Ann Hay, Jenny Braithwaite and Paulo Bhullar with 139. Imelda Woolston, Marion Johnston and Margaret Nelson were third on 122 on a countback from Anne-Maree Harland, Jenny Tibby and Barbara Corney, also on 122. Next were Karyn Prestage, Sheryl Fraser and Wallis Jones on 121.

Three people scored twos, Chris Edkins and Eileen Kay on the 4th hole and Anne-Maree Harland on the 7th.

(Contributor – Sue Rennie)